Crewing and Accounting



Nørresundby Shipping A/S Crewing Department performs all tasks associated with the staffing of their own vessels, as well as for other customers. Crewing Department ensures - through long-term planning of rotations and travel on ships manned by qualified personnel and planning courses, training programs, etc. so that our crews always meet internal and external requirements. These tasks are focused mainly on the economy, so that each ship can be operated as economically as possible. 
In addition, the Crewing Department is responsible for training and coaching of our cadets, and the department is also responsible for promotions etc. Crewing Department is in daily contact with our external crewing agencies who are in direct contact with our foreign seafarers. 

The department also has ongoing contact with authorities and organizations in all matters relating to manning. 



Nørresundby Shipping A/S accounting department performs all functions relating to the economy of owned vessels, as well as for other customers. 
Accounting performs all accounting tasks for individual ships,  collection of freight and charter settlements, payment of invoices related to the general operation of wage settlement for all employees on board, as well as overall ship accounts. 
Accounting is also responsible for registration of holiday etc. for all employees, and will also be responsible for reporting to the relevant authorities. 
Accounting works closely with the Crewing Department in the daily - amongst other those connected with the budgeting and management of crew costs, both for the whole fleet, and for each ship.


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