Technical Management


Nørresundby Shipping A/S Technical Department performs technical management in all aspects of their vessels, as well as for other customers. 

Modern Management is complicated, both in terms of ships' technical organization and equipment, but also the laws and regulations which ships operate under. It requires extensive knowledge to optimize operations with ships working as efficiently as possible - and with as few "off hire" periods as possible. Technical Department monitors the vessels technical installations and advises in close cooperation with the ships' crews in order for the ships to be operated economically and technically sound, so that they always meet requirements from authorities, classification societies, charterers, etc.

The department also has good contacts with shipyards, repair services, etc. in Northern Europe and can therefore plan financially advantageous, and at the right time. The department is involved in the entire process, from the planning of the shipyard, repairs, etc., supervision during execution, and the subsequent invoice verification. 

The department also assists in the procurement of spare parts and through collaboration with suppliers across Europe can achieve competitive prices. The department is also involved in the preparation of operating budgets and performs ongoing budgetary control.


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