Nørresundby Rederi & Shipping A/S carries out all tasks related to crewing for own tonnage as well as for other shipping companies. We ensure - through long-term planning of rotations and travel, that the ships are always crewed with qualified personnel and plan courses, traning programes, etc. so that our crew always meet intrenal and external requirements. These tasks are solved with focus espicially on econimics so that the individusl ship can be driven as economically as  well as possible.

In addition, we are responsible for the education and training of our cadets, as well as we are responsible of promotions etc. We are in daily contact with our external crewing agencies, who have direct contact with our foreign seamen.

We also have ongoing contact with authorities and organizations in all matters regarding crewing.


24/7 emergency service

Phone: +45 88 44 55 77