ISPS - ship security, anti-terror security measures and courses

The International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) came into force July 1, 2004 and applies to all ships over 500GTin international trade. This code sets requirements ships and ports with regard to terrorism, acces control, etc. Nørresundby Rederi & Shipping A/S helps to obtain certification under this code. We visit the ship and analyze the need, then prepare the Ship Security Assesment (SSA), which forms the basis for the Ship Security Plan (SSP), which is also being prepared.
We also advice on implementation, organizing courses for the crew, and assists in  certification of the ship. Subsequently, the effectiviness of the ship's SSP is continously monitored by means of reporting and by means of annual exercises / audits. We also participate in intermediate vision and are responsible for documents management.

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