Technical management

Nørresundby Rederi & Shipping A/S carries out technical management for its own tonnage, as well for external shipping companies.

Modern ship management is complicated, both in terms of the ship's technical equipment, but also to comply with the laws and regulations that the ships will operate under. It requires great knowledge to optimize operations so that the ships work as efficiently as possible - and with as few "off hire" days as possible.

Technical department regularly supervises the ship's technical installations and advises, in close cooperation with shipowners and crews, in such a way that the ships are operated economically and technically, why they meet the demands of authorities, class, charters etc. at any time.

We also have close contact with shipyards, repair companies etc. especially in Denmark and the main part of Northern Europe, and therefore can plan economically advantageously. It is of paramount importance that there is a good understanding between us and the shipyards, so that we can return the ships within the planned timeframe. We participate in the entire process, from planning of shipyards, repairs etc. supervision during execution, and subsequent invoicing.

Nørresundby Rederi & Shipping A/S have their purchaser who constantly negotiates the best deals in place.

We also participate in the preparation of operating budgets and carry out ongoing budget control.


24/7 emergency service

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